Thorpe Satchville Village Hall

Thorpe Satchville Village Hall

Thorpe Satchville Village Hall has proven a worthy asset to the village of Thorpe Satchville, since re-opening in May 2008.

The Events Page will show the latest news of what's being planned for 2010, so please do get involved and join in.

Your Hall Your Say

As we hope you realise, the Village Hall Management Committee have been working hard to make the Village Hall something that Thorpe Satchville can be proud of, but are going in the right direction?

We'd love to hear what you think - Good or bad let us know! Email your feedback to .

Thorpe Satchville Village Hall - Latest News

20/11/2010Fancy a game of Chocolate Bingo?
05/08/2010Why not join your neighbours for a spot of Cycling?
20/7/2010Village BBQ and Quiz Night added to the Events Page
2/7/2010Unfortunately the Summer BBQ, planned for 10th July 2010 has been postponed.
24/02/2010New entries have been added to the Events Page.
27/01/2010The Village Hall AGM will take place on 27th January 2010 at 7:30pm. Come along and have your say.
26/11/2009More Village Hall events have been added for November, December and January. More ...
28/11/2009Your Dedicated Gold Buyer returns.
23/09/2009Take a look at the updated Events Page to find out what's happening in October and November
18/09/2009The Boat That Rocked - Thorpe Satchville Film Club
12/09/2009Sell your unwanted gold - More details on the Events Page
09/07/2009The latest copy of the Village Hall newsletter "The Window" can be viewed
06/06/2009More dates have been added to the List of Events
27/04/2009Sign up to the mailing list to receive Village Hall updates
03/04/2009The Changeling - Thorpe Satchville Film Club
27/02/2009Thorpe Satchville Village Hall Quiz Night.
11/02/2009New Photographs have been added from the latest Curry Sunday
30/01/2009Thorpe Satchville Film Club Presents Mamma Mia.
13/01/2009A page of useful links has been added.
05/01/2009The latest copy of the Village Hall Newsletter "The Window" is now available for download
02/12/2008New forthcoming events have been added the Village Hall Event Guide
07/11/2008Photographs taken at the Halloween party have been uploaded to the Photo Gallery
23/10/2008Curry Sunday on 7th September 2008 was a great success. Take a look at some photos. Curry Sunday Photos
18/10/2008Photos from the Opeing Dance on 11th October are on-line Roaring 20s Dance
17/05/2008The website for Thorpe Satchville Village Hall is now on-line. Please check back to find out about the latest events and news and also to view a selection of Photographs. If you have any comment regarding the new website, please get in touch.